Amoi Comel: RAWR! :)

Without pimple and acne. This amoi is hot and looks sexy with a polka dot blouse!


"Preventing Acne" Tips

  1. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze, or otherwise mess with your skin. Squeezing blemishes or whiteheads can lead to infection or scarring. It almost always makes the acne you have worse.
  2. Wash your pillowcase often and always use clean face towels. Dirty towels and pillowcases can harbor bacteria and germs that can make acne worse.
  3. Be sure to pull your hair away from your skin when you sleep.
  4. Try to shower as soon as possible after your workout since sweat combined with skin oils can trap dirt and bacteria in your pores.
  5. Don’t go to bed with makeup on. It can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.
  6. Make sure to clean cosmetic brushes regularly in soapy water and throw out old, contaminated makeup.
  7. Use topical treatments, such as nature's cure vanishing cream, anywhere that you tend to get breakouts -- don't just spot-treat existing pimples. the pore-clogging process happens two to three weeks before any blemish becomes visible on the skin.
  8. Exercising regularly can help reduce stress and it increases blood circulation and oxygen penetration to the skin, which may help to prevent acne.

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